Festival Concert

Festival Concert

April 12, 2014, 7:30pm

Hensdale Chapel


Curious for soprano, piano, and multiple percussion, Daniel McCloud

Melissa Duffield, soprano

Scott Marosek, piano

Daniel McCloud, percussion


Variations on a Folk Melody, Betty Wishart

Amanda Schafer, piano


Boundary Conditions for solo piano, Brent Miller

I. Quiet Intensity


II. Andante

Scott Marosek, piano

Compartments 1 for trombone and live electronics, Keith Dippre

Michael Kris, trombone

I Work at the Vignette, Larry Arnold; poetry by Bruce Arnold

   I. Prelude

 II. Empeerical Self

III. Alabaster

IV. Ought to Be Caught

V. Geoffrey

Nancy Arnold, soprano

Larry Arnold, piano

Commentary for fixed media and amplified water bottle, Brent Miller

Brent Miller, performer


California Low Brow, Keith Dippre

  I. Part I: an Etude

  IV.  Songs from a Landfill

 V. Ultraswank

Scott Marosek, piano

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