Festival Concert

    Festival Concert

April 18, 2015, 7:30pm

Hensdale Chapel

Requiem for Dreams                                                                     Betty R. Wishart

 I. Fortune or Fate

 II. Normal?

 III. Marriage

 IV. Prayer

Judith Bruno, mezzo soprano

Kent Lyman, piano

Cape Fear Moods                                                                             Phil Shackleton

 I. Romance

 II. Parade

Sarah Busman, flute

Jason “Wally” Wallace, saxophone

Paul Neebe, trumpet

Andrew Smith, tuba

Scott Marosek, piano

Daniel McCloud, percussion

A Rock Song                                                                                            Charis Duke

Charis Duke, piano

Sydney Jarrard, rocks

Beat the Drum                                                                                                Daniel McCloud

Daniel McCloud, percussion


         Guitar Construction #2: Progressive Fracture                                      Dave Gedosh

Electroacoustic Music

Five Seasons                                                                                        Keith Dippre

 II. Season of Fantasy

 III. Season of Reality

Jason “Wally” Wallace, saxophone

Daniel McCloud, percussion

Scott Marosek, piano

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